Zalzar, youtuber

RevolVR is the next step when it comes to simple and intuitive use of wireless motion control in mobile VR experiences. The technology behind it opens up for use with a wide range of mobile devices and it is always quick and easy to set up. No more compatibility issues, complicated setups or connection tutorials! I can't wait to see where the RevolVR technology will take the concept of virtual reality gaming next!
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Video Gadgets Journal, youtuber

Remember how the Nintendo Wii controller revolutionized console gaming a decade ago? Well this is your smartphone equivalent. Only lighter, more accurate, easier to use and probably cheaper. Touchscreen gaming has many benefits, but when it comes to firing a gun or swinging a lightsaber it substitutes the action rather than simulating it. The RevolVR solves this problem as well as embracing virtual reality; a technology now available to everyone at an affordable price that takes 10 seconds to setup. Or, to summarize more succinctly: imagine Resident Evil Virtual Reality... with added headshots! That's RevolVR in a nutshell.
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The RevolVR VR Gun adds yet another dimension to the mobile VR experience!

Dailyaulk, youtuber

The RevolVR is an excellent startup product that aims to bring motion control to the masses. I enjoyed playing around with the virtual reality games and the device even in it's alpha stage feels like a fresh innovation. I'm excited for the future of this device and what developers can do to show the true power of the product at it's fullest!
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DoctorNoob, youtuber

An amazing example of ingenuity and great programming. It was an absolute honor and privilege to be able to play with this device. I look forward to future games/Apps & I also hope to implement this device into some of my own projects.
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DarkestNation, blogger

After testing the RevolVR Alpha Controller, we started thinking of the great possibilities that this device can deliver. The simplicity, accuracy, and ergonomics of the device has left us excited to see what's next.

RowdyGuy, youtuber

With the RevolVR you can take virtual reality gaming on AndroidVR to the next level. It is smart, feels intuitive and is incredibly fun. It is technology like this, making virtual reality available to the general public, that will help the genre to succeed. I cannot wait for the finished product. Bring on them games!
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Frank'sConception, youtuber

I have been reviewing games for the past year and a half, I love playing games, and it's been huge privilege to be a part of this project even if I'm just reviewing!
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We at GetGameBeta are really impressed with this compact controller and its performance has been remarkable to say the least. We are patiently waiting for more VR games to test the RevolVR with, itching for that sweet experience.

Semenov Roman, CEO of Velcro Games

I am very excited to be working with RevolVR and incorporating their VR controller to our future projects at Velcro Games, it's always exciting to be working with new tech and as a big fan of Virtual Reality gaming I cannot wait to play and see what epic games we can do with this amazing device. At Velcro Games we are always looking for innovation and new technologies to give to the consumer ultimate gameplay experience.

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