Can I use sdk for?

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Can I use sdk for?

Postby MSL » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:14 pm

Can I use sdk for making unity games, for (no bluetooth) like Flashlight DIY etc.?
Please post some example code for using sdk with Flashlight DIY. :)

Do we get rotation or only position of tracked point from "getAcceleratedTrackState".
Please upload Halloween, starwarz, pingpong and rest examples (with source code) too. :)

If I use Flashlight DIY then I should not call "getButtonState". Is there any check in sdk to see what the user device is type and act accordingly.
Is there any place to look what the api is capable of? Can we track more than one points too? Size of point, rotation, bounding box, motion prediction angle, and gesture recognition ?
And can I use c# only?
Can this also be used for pc with a webcam?
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Re: Can I use sdk for?

Postby Admin » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:40 pm

Yes, you can use SDK in any way you want.
You can use SDK with flashlight in same way as with Bluetooth controllers.
If you select right controller type in Control Panel, SDK will handle it same ways, giving maximum compatibility.

Even for flashlight you can use getButtonState, and check for RVR_BTN_FIRE button. In Flashlight DIY button press is simulated with bending hand, so that Camera wont see light.
You can see how it is played here:

At the moment you can track one point only.
You don't have access to size of point (in following releases this would be available as Z axis), and our SDK doesn't recognize gestures.
Also, only one point is supported at the moment.

Yes, you can use C# only, but most of examples are in JS however they can be ported to C# very easy.
At the moment you can get example by this link: , soon we will upload all examples.
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Re: Can I use sdk for?

Postby MSL » Sun Dec 25, 2016 1:30 pm

It seems that Halloween, starwarz, pingpong are simulating rotation too so want to look at code.

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