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RevolVR is planning on revamping their RevolVR SDK.

Why are we doing this you might ask?

Our current SDK doesn`t use the latest Android 5.0 API, so that means that we are not using the Android platform to its full potential. With this rewrite, we will be able to optimize speed and lower the power consumption and simplify the calibration process greatly improve tracking off the bat. This is RevolVR`s top priority to get our SDK ready for future developers and to continue growing.

Wild Western RevolVR Concept ART
Our game is slowly coming to life, bringing you to the immersive world shooting Wild Western Robots!

Check out more amazing concept images on our imgur!

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Westworld comes to RevolVR
If you love the series Westworld ,
then you are in luck. There have been some artistic updates on our side for our new upcoming game developed by VelcroGames.

Our Game will adopt the look and feel of Westworld, so you will be battling some bad Wild Western looking robots that have severely malfunctioned. You`ll be saving the VR world and become the next Clint Eastwood. Here is a shot of our concept art for our Barman. The barman is pretty much a staple in every Western film/series.

Let`s be honest that is some epic concept art and every Wild western Rail shooter game needs a trusty Barman to help service some drinks! Be sure to subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook page for more updates. For more images of our game art check us out on imgur!

RevolVR updates for 2017

RevolVR Halloween Competition Results
Thanks to everyone who submitted an Easter eggs findings for our Halloween game contest! A lot of you guys and girls did a good job! Right answers from our winners you can find here on our forum While Cosmin Nicolae provided a bit better description of quotes, Zalzar found much more complicated Easter eggs with Eric Draven (belive me that wasn`t easy). However nobody found all 13 of Easter eggs. That`s why we decided to split the prize in half and you guys will get $250 each! Please accept our congratulations! You did really great! Please forward your payment details to in order to get prize!

Big RevolVR Halloween Cash Prize! details on how to enter

For Halloween this year RevolVR is giving out a 500 USD Cash prize!! for anyone who can spot the most of our hidden iconic references that have been slipped into our Halloween app!!

Details on how to win are as follows:

Step 1: Subscribe to our newsletter.
Simply visit our website RevolVR , navigate to the bottom of our page and enter your email address and select subscribe!

Step 2: Download the RevolVR Halloween special app.
Our Android Halloween app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore: RevolVR Halloween App

(Optional: To get a better gameplay experience we recommend to make a lightsaber device and calibrate using our RevolVR Control panel app!The RevolVR Control Panel app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore:
RevolVR Control Panel App

please view link on how to calibrate and setup your device on the following youtube video:
RevolVR how to )

Step 3: Have fun and play the game and hunt down all our Easter eggs that are hidden in the app.
The Answering criteria is as follows:
1. Description of the reference/easter egg
2. How and where you saw the easter egg
3. What is the origin of the easter egg

Step 4: Send us your findings!
You can submit your answers of all the easter eggs you have found to

Step 5: When does the competition start and end?
Right now till the 1st of November 2016!

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Amazing Art for VelcroGames and RevolVR's Wild Wester Rail shooter
Hey guys Got a few amazing background art from the VelcroGames design team and they are looking real spiffy! take a look! Velcro Games the makers of CaRRage will be making an exciting new Wild West Gun slinging, Rail shooting shooter tailor made to support our much love RevolVR controllers. As for now its still early stages of development. Velcro Games are set to launch our game during our next Crowdfunding campaign aiming and shooting for End of December 2016 - January 2017.

Wild West Rail Shooter by Velcro Using RevolVR Control Tech
Big news for RevolVR Gamers everywhere!

Velcro Games the makers of CaRRage will be making an exciting new Wild West Gun slinging, Rail shooting shooter tailor made to support our much love RevolVR controllers.

As for now its still early stages of development.
Velcro Games are set to launch our game during our next Crowdfunding campaign aiming and shooting for End of December 2016 - January 2017.

Update on our Progress with the Dominator Micro controller
RevolVR has just received 5000 UNITS of our Dominator Micros!

Making some good progress here at RevolVR HQ!
Here is the evidence :)

With these puppies in our hands we will be making history with our new compact Dominator Micro!

RevolVR wants to make a nice compact controller for the people and this is that idea coming to life!

Cool post including RevolVR
Cool little short update!

Our friend from VR-iPhone gave us a little mention in his blogpost!

VR-iPhone`s post on Affordable VR Controllers

Be sure to follow VR-iPhone on twitter right here

Our first Dominator Micro
Busy keeping these logs going strong!

On the news front we have our First Dominator Micro controller!

Feast your eyes on this beauty of a device, ok it is only the casing at the moment.

These are the following specs for the Dominator micro:

Width: 3.3cm
Length: 5cm
Thickness: 1cm
DOF: 2
Update rate is at 60Hz
2 buttons

Update on BETA Devices and Dominator controllers
Hey hey Got some good news here at RevolVR! Firstly, we have officially received our Bluetooth modules for our BETA and Dominator devices. We have 500 modules so plenty of work to go around so we can send these devices! Look at these sweet puppies! In other news we have a new update with our SDK! We now have Air Mouse and GearVR support and we have fully tested this and its working like a charm. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well you can use our SDK to get support of a wide variety of wireless controllers this can even be used for Smart TV controllers, so as a developer you can add the support for all these devices for your games! here are some odd looking controllers, cause variety is the spice of life.

Our Indiegogo campaign is on VRdorado
Hi Guys

Got some cool news, our project is now on VRdorado! check us out at

RevolVR Indiegogo Campaign on VRdorado

Finally after patiently waiting WE ARE OFFICIALLY LIVE with our INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN LAUNCH

Come support us on the following link:


RevolVR ALPHA devices have been delivered!
Just sent another batch of RevolVR ALPHA device to Tom`sguide , newtechevolution,
WindUp VR Blogmint exciting times and more youtube reviews coming up soon will
post here as soon as it is up.

A Special Thanks to
We at RevolVR HQ want to give a big "thank you" to team behind
and to Vladimir Simchenko personally (owner and author) for making a special post
about us on their site. We are highly appreciated for your help guys!

SDK development progress update
We are making some good progress with our SDK at RevolVR. By integrating our SDK with your Mobile or Desktop project you will not only have RevolVR support but also a wide range of devices!

primary device:
1. RevolVR LED
2. RevolVR Bluetooth
3. Blue lightsaber (with option to shot with them)
4. AppBlaster
5. Mouse
6. USB/Bluetooth gamepad
as a secondary device:
1. RevolVR Navigator
2. Keyboard
3. Bluetooth Handsfree
4. Baofeng VR Controller
5. Bluetooth Selfie Shutters
6. Green lightsaber
7. USB/Bluetooth gamepad

Sending out our RevolVR ALPHA to the public
On the new news front we have officially sent RevolVR-ALPHA devices to the following peeps!

@Marcianophone @NetworkDN @DanDadDoes @nareshkeswani Upload VR VRFocus Hoopermation just to name a few! enjoy your devices that are coming your way.

If you want some RevolVR love let us know via our contact us page!

Lucky Giveaways to a lucky subscriber
We have got some exciting news.

To get a kickstart to the new year that we have a gift for new year - there will be a draw on our website, and someone of our subscribers will get the new RevolVR ALFA VR wireless controller that is not available to the public.

To participate all you need to do is simply subscribe to our newsletter on this very website. (this can be found on the footer of our website.

Subscribe to win the device of the future!

Starwars game demo now out
Here we have it, our Star wars demo out and complete.

This demo only works with the RevolVR Device, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list get the latest updates and news.

Enjoy the video!

RevolVR ALPHA device are on Route
Hey guys

We`re happy to announce that we have sent forward our Proof of concept devices to some bloggers and youtubers!

check the latest post on our Facebook page!

Updates with Mouse Emulation
We have mouse emulation mode for any game that has mouse support will have #RevolVR # Support! #VR #Gaming

RevolVR ALFA device
We are proud to present our RevolVR-ALPHA device

We are currently looking for people to review this Proof of concept device so if you are interested be sure reach me via the Contact Us section.

Here is a short video of this Proof of concept device in action.

We've hit 200 Followers on Twitter
Hey guys got some good news!

We have just reached over 200 followers on our Twitter account page. Thanks to all of you guys for the support and following!

Be sure to follow us for cool posts news and updates about our RevolVR product and updates in the world of #VR #AR and #RevolVR

Lets aim for 500 now :)

New Proof of Concepts are now available
Hey guys

Just an update on RevolVR, we officially have a proof of concept RevolVR device that shows off our awesome low latency and tracking ability of our technology!
If you`re interested in testing out of sample device for a review, blog, youtube video feel free to reach us!
you can get a hold of us on our Twitter page and or our Facebook!

News and Updates
RevolVR is teaming up with Velcrogames!

We are happy to announce that Velcro games will be adding support for RevolVR in their future games!
Here is a little snippet of what Roman Semenov CEO of Velcro Games had to say:

" it`s always exciting to be working with new tech and as a big fan of Virtual Reality gaming I cannot wait to play and see what epic games we can do with this amazing device."

Welcome to RevolVR
This is a new and special post, for it is the first of many posts :)

RevolVR has been in the works for a good couple of months now and things are starting to really take off.
With our Campaign video just about complete using my on camera talents we are hoping to reach out to the world wide public and get their support.

RevolVR can now be found on the following social media platforms:
and very soon on indiegogo

Your Support is greatly appreciated of course, We want to make our project opensource for everyone to enjoy, be sure to help share and spread the word of RevolVR!

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